Hi! I'm Azaliz.

Your online queer enthusiast, speaking French, English, Dutch and Italian.

Reading books, listening to podcasts, interested in queer ideas and enjoying to stay at home and browse Mastodon.

More info about me on my “About” page. And check out my friends!

This website was built following the precepts of digital gardening, adding pages here and there with no global directory of pages.
I was especially inspired by rosano’s and pixoul’s websites.
I liked what Shawn Wang said in their article Learn in Public: “Whatever your thing is, make the thing you wish you had found when you were learning.” I’d like to write about anything I find interesting, just so I keep a trace out here for some time later when I need it.
I also try not to worry about having unfinished pages, as a garden is never done growing. (Thanks to my bestie Lokenstein for sending me these links!) I can also refer you to the SOFA (Start Often Finish rArely) principe, which I love.

Speaking of website, here is my journey into making this website, not really having previous knowledge of how a website is built.

Last updated on 31 Jul 22