I’m Azaliz! You can call me that or any diminutive of that name.

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Use they/them pronouns to talk about me.

Privilege check: I’m 28, living in France. I’m white, abled, thin, upper middle class. Very left-leaning. I’m also quite queer, regarding both my gender and my relationships (bi, polyamorous, probably on the ace spectrum).

In the words of the Thirsty Sword Lesbians TTRPG, I:

Current interests: the MCU, novels written by/with queer/POC folks, accessibility (both in buildings and online), my work (public transport related).

You can contact me on Mastodon; if you’re not on Mastodon but you stumbled on this website, well, you should know how to contact me.

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Last updated on 10 Sep 23