Mega Spreadsheet of the SMAUs I'm reading

Mostly SamBucky!

If yours not on there, means I haven’t read it yet.

Everything comes from my fanfic recommendation list.

David @bomerpatrol Dei @buckycap Ellie @bravebuchanan Lee @leesambucket Loki @lokitrans Meret @falconswinter Moom @moomsaus Jamie @milfairy
title Tell me why I'm waiting Fanboy The One Where They’re Dysfunctional Just For The Views I call it the trans(lator) bucky agenda you rock my world It's Nice To Have A Friend Love Games
bucky tony’s secretary @SI.
2 year bf Steve (not very happy).
Friends w/ Ayo (bff), Sam, Jessica, Stephen
Journalist @ new york bulletin.
Big public crush on sam.
Friends w/ sharon, nat, tony, clint
“only god knows how he makes his money”
Lives w/ Monica & Sam.
Dated Nat, Clint and Tony (just ended).
Friends w/ Monica, Clint, Nat, Tony
Sam’s (work!!) partner he/they. Translator (russian), pays for the apartment.
Dates around.
Friends w/ steve, nat, sharon
“likes writing, cats and listening to music that's not on the radio all day”.
bf w/ brock rumlow (i hate that guy).
Friends w/ steve (bff)
majored in english. Autistic. Not very good people skills.
crush on Sam.
Friends w/ Steve (bff), Nat
Dating sam.
Friends w/ Nat (bff)
sam Sales @SI.
(old?) crush on bucky.
Friends w/ Carol (bff), Bucky, Tony, Monica
Captain America.
Friends w/ Misty, Joaquín
Journalist & author
Moves in the apartment
Captain America.
Was secretly engaged w/ Riley before he died.
Friends w/ Bucky, Joaquín
security agent
“Absolutely sweetheart trying to find his place. Broke”.
thinks he’s straight.
Friends w/ steve Nat Sharon from work
Singer of the Captain Quartet! "likes writing songs, coffee in the morning and blonde guys".
Friends w/ Riley, Scott, Joaquín, Steve
doesn’t like bucky because jealous of stucky.
Doesn’t have a job rn.
Crush on Steve.
Friends w/ Steve, Joaquín
dating bucky.
Friends w/ Steve, Sharon through work
steve 2 year bf Bucky (but not very present)
Also, artist or stg
Mcu canon then became an astronaut doesn’t appear until later was Cap then died security agent. Owns the apartment.
Friends w/ Bucky (bff), Nat Sharon then Sam from work
Friends w/ bucky (bff), sam, tony
Joining the peace corps.
Friends w/ Bucky (bff), Sam, Nat
Friends w/ Sam, Sharon through work
sarah mcu canon mcu canon mcu canon mcu canon mcu canon / Sam stays at her place to help w/ the babies /
sharon / madripoor correspondent @nyb lives next door
Works @SI.
exists married to nat. Owns security agency.
Transmasc, he/they/ze
works at spy cafe. Bucky & steve’s friend former colleague of sam’s he/she. Freelance writer.
nat / ny correspondent @nyb lives next door w/ clint & sharon
Dated bucky & clint
/ married to sharon. Security agent. Russian & Usian. Co-owns the spy cafe model living abroad, hs friends w/ bucky & steve she/they. Dancer.
tony ceo of Stark ind. Crush on Stephen Strange. tech columnist @nyb
× rhodes
head of Stark ind.
Just ex w/ bucky
/ / × rhodes exists /
clint / Sport @nyb lives next door
Besties w/ his exes (Bucky & Nat)
/ / Co-owns the spy cafe / /
joaquín / works w/ Sam / trans rights! Falcon? / band’s bassist Sam’s college roommate /
riley / / / dead (was engaged to Sam) / sam’s roommate + guitarist
Chaotic neutral
/ /
thor Hr @SI.
× peter quill (3 years)
/ Works @SI.
× Peter Quill (engaged)
Used to live in the apartment
/ / band’s manager.
× bruce
/ /
peter quill × thor (3 years)
Friends w/ Rocket (engineer @SI)
/ × thor (engaged) / / / / /
bruce / / / / / × thor / /
scott / / / / / band’s drummer / /
ayo bucky’s bff. × okoye. / / / / / / /
jessica Works @SI. Dating Matt. / / / / / / /
peter parker / / / / / / / 15 yo child brought into the drama
alpine / bucky’s cat / Bucky’s cat bucky’s cat / / SamBucky’s cat
liho / / / / natsharon’s cat / / /

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