Doctor Strange – My thoughts

Second rewatch: 21 August 2021
🔴 Warning, my only thoughts were about Loki (2021) so don’t read if you haven’t watched the show! 🔴

The first scene of Doctor Strange is… Mads Mikkelsen decapitating a librarian?? wow harsh

omg there’s a scene that reminds me so much of the TVA :o

“Temporal manipulations can create branches in time!”
“Unstable dimensional openings. Spacious paradoxes! Time loops!!!”

“You want to get stuck reliving the same moment over, and over, forever?”

“We do not tamper with natural law, we defend it” ohhhh so the sorcerers are agents of the tva then

“Dormammu lives in the Dark Dimension. Beyond time.” oh so he’s He Who Remains??

“He is the cosmic conqueror, the destroyer of worlds”… oh so he is Kang x)


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Last updated on 30 Aug 21